Introducing rising child star: Mila Brener Rubenstein

Jan 25 2012

With baby number 2 due any day now, American-Israeli actress/producer Shirly Brener is busy cultivating her latest project – Daughter Mila’s acting career. At the age of 6.5, Mila, the daughter of Shirly and hubby artist/screenwriter Bruce Rubenstein, has already done magazine covers and ad campaign for such international brands as Honda, Disney, Mattel, and Esprit, and is now setting her eyes on Hollywood.

Mila, whose acting genes come not only from mama Shirly but also from veteran film & theatre actress, grandma Smadar Brener, is well on her way to having a substantial resume a lot of working adult actors would be proud of. The toddler appeared alongside her mom in 2009′s “What Goes Around” and recently booked roles on horror/thriller movie “Tool Box Murders 2″ opposite Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern, the upcoming Lifetime psychological drama tv movie “180″ and the drama “For The Time Being”, playing the granddaughter of another academy award nominee – Frank Langella.

“I’ve always sought ways to symbiotically involve my professional and family life”, says Shirly Brener in an exclusive interview to AbbaNibi, “Mila’s journey in this crazy but amazingly inspiring and creative business is one she has pursued on her own determinism… I didn’t start out having kids and wanting them to be in the biz, but life sort of took this spin and now i can add to actress/producer and new hyphen “momager” (mom + manager)”

“I enjoy working with her on her auditions and scripts and career pat , she has raw talent with natural deep ability that i never had at that age”, explains Shirly regarding her daughter’s acting bug, “Recently she was up for a guest star on CSI where she had to play a little girl killer, she said to me ‘that’s why acting is so great because you get to play characters that are so weird and do things you would never do in real life’ i thought i was talking to a 50 year old. I guess if she decides to continue this path the sky is the limit for her. I couldn’t be more proud”.

Regarding her upcoming second offspring possibly going in her eldest’s footsteps, Shirly jokingly shares that Mila’s agents have already claimed first take on future baby’s first gig. Brener herself looks set to have a brief maternity leave as she’s expected to shoot the sci fi series “Infected” and an action movie called “The Killing Time” this spring, while also serving as a Vice Presidnet at Radar Pictures (The Last Samurai, Chronicles of Riddick) and the CEO of Brener Films and promoting her latest releases, comedy “Hit List” and human drama “Touched”.

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