Lior Suchard on his way to NBC’s ‘Today’ Show

Israel's most famous mentalist, Lior Suchard, has just released a new book titled 'Mind Reader: Unlocking the Power of Your Mind to Get What You Want,' where he takes us on an incredible journey through the wonders of the human mind, sharing his secrets and his remarkable personal story while offering invaluable advice.

To celebrate the release of the new book, Suchard was invited to NBC studios in New York, to talk about his book on the famous 'Today' show, and that happened only a week after the mentalist got married. "It's strange to sit on the first seat in the plane," Suchard wrote on his Facebook page of the first class seat he got from NBC, "nothing in front of me, the pilot is above me, and it's quietttttt. NYC here I come!"

The 31 year old mentalist is known throughout the world as a dazzling entertainer and peerless mentalist, astounding audiences everywhere with his singular talent for mind reading, thought influencing, and telekinesis. From the 'Today' show in New York he is scheduled to fly to Mumbai, India, for no less than 6 shows in a row

Mariah Carey: “Le’chaim Israel”

Mariah Carey took Twitter yesterday to give a shout out to her Israeli friends and fans during a birthday celebration for Liron, her Israeli close friend, in Manhattan. "Celebrating my friend's Anniversary!" she writes, "Le'chaim shout out to Israel 8.12!" Apparantly, the fact that Mariah Carey has a few Israeli and Jewish employees and friends, she has learned a few words in Hebrew over the years, and also knows a thing or two about the Jewish Holidays .

Just last week Liron celebrated with Mariah two big projects that are currently happening for the star: Not only that It was recently announced that Carey will replace Jennifer Lopez as the new American Idol judge, she also released a new single this week, entitled 'Triumphant,' in three different versions. So Le'chaim to you too, dear!


OMG! I’m A Robot!

The new Sci-fi comedy, that has already created some buzz in Israel,  is the first feature film by Tal Goldberg and Gal Zelezniak, the writers and directors of the award winning web series "Off-Screen." The buzz was created especially because various famous faces such as Tzahi Grad, Dror Keren, Hili Yalon and David Kigler,  agreed to participate in this independent film since they fell in love with the crazy plot it portraits.

"OMG, I'm a Robot!" revolves around Danny (Yotam Ishay), a sensitive guy - so sensitive that his girlfriend leaves him because she starts to feel like the man in their relationship. Just before his desperation leads him to commit suicide, he finds out he is actually a robot and that his girlfriend didn’t really leave – she was kidnapped! Shocked but hopeful, Danny goes on a mission to save the love of his life with his new robotic powers. Will his new-found abilities help him become the man his girl is looking for?

The comedy is considered a groundbreaking movie in Israel, as it is the first sci-fi movie ever to be produced in Israel, and will include action scenes, animation and effects inspired by classical Eighties' robot movies with an up-to-date look. Shooting was just finished, and the directors are now looking for sponsors for the post-production stages

Liel Kolet Promotes Peace in a New American Stage Musical

Liel Kolet (23), is blessed with an immensely talented voice and has dedicated her career to promoting peace. Now she's taking a part in a new Broadway-style musical called 'Loving the Silent Tears,' which will open at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, this October. The unprecedented show carries a great message and journeys through songs and cultures of 16 countries across 6 continents to tell the story about humanity's search for inner peace. Kolet will co-star with Grammy winners Jon Secada, Jody Watley, Black Uhuru, Tony winners and many more in an impressive cast of top talents representing a dozen countries, created by 2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha and directed by the Tony-nominated Vincent Paterson.

Since she won a European talent contest at age 12, Liel has performed in hundreds of concerts around the world and raised millions in funds for respected aid organizations. At age 14, she invited President Bill Clinton to join her on stage in an historical duet that gave her peace mission global exposure. Andrea Bocelli, Herbie Hancock, Patty Labelle and the Scorpions recorded peace songs with Liel. A German Radio Award winner, she is currently recording with the legendary multi-Grammy winning producer Humberto Gatica.

The first of its kind in theatre history, "Loving the Silent Tears" will take the audience on an exhilarating journey on a tour of over a dozen diverse cultural styles - and top voices to match from both the theatre and world music stages. The musical is inspired by a poetic masterpiece titled 'Silent Tears,' written years ago by world-renowned spiritual teacher, humanitarian and artist Supreme Master Ching Hai. This moving anthology revolves around the theme of humanity's search for inner peace and happiness.

'Loving the Silent Tears' on October 27 will be a one-time formal red-carpet event that will inspire audiences of all backgrounds to rediscover the deepest love abounding in our very hearts.

Meital Dohan Returns to Weeds

Over the past few months, Meital Dohan's been conquering the club stages in Los Angeles with her steamy new musical project, but don't forget she's a double threat! Dohan will mark her return to Weeds, the show that made her famous in the US, in its 8th and final season.

Dohan will retrieve her role of Yael Hoffman, manager of a Jewish center, same character she performed in the 2nd season. During the second season of Weeds the character Yael was very provocative- appearing partially nude in one scene. We'll see where the screenwriters  take her this time around.

For you, Dohan’s return might strike as a surprise, but for her- not so much. “They called me a few times over the course of the years and keep on mentioning my character on the show so I kinda expected it,” Dohan tells “I love the series so much so it was really a huge pleasure for me to come back for a visit.”

Yael Hoffman's short visit will occur on the 100th episode, which according to creator Jenji Kohan will be "a return to Agrestic.”

"It was a treat," says Kohan of the episode, which airs in America September 11, "it was a chance to go back and it was our reunion.”

Watch the 8th season of ‘Weeds’ on Showtime, Tuesdays at 8PM

Rashida Jones is On Fire!

It’s not just us who are totally obsessed with Rashida Jones at the moment. She’s all over the place right now, promoting her new movie Celeste and Jesse Forever which opened this weekend, and in a special ‘This Minute’ interview at this week US Weekly magazine she shared some personal matters, like how long does it normally take her to get over an ex-boyfriend. “A long time!” she tells the magazine. “There’s a formula that says it takes half the time that you were with  that person. I think it’s totally true.”

What’s the real key to a relationship?

“Respect. Two people don’t have to agree on something, but you should respect each other’s decisions and opinions.”

Any fun summer plans?

“I’m shooting a movie, ‘Cuban Fury,’ which is a salsa dancing comedy. So I’ve been learning how to salsa. It’s been challenging- and very humbling!”

Rashida also appeared this week on People magazine’s  popular column ‘One Last Thing,’ where she revealed her celebrity crush (Ricky Schroder), her tendency to curse (“Both of my parents curse like sailors”) and her last injury (“I had a stress fracture on the top of my foot from working out too hard”). Here’s a scan for you:

Jewish Heart for Africa Granted Special Consultative Status to the UN

After bringing the benefits of solar power to a total of  over 250,000 people in Africa, Jewish Heart for Africa, a non-profit organization that brings sustainable Israeli technologies to African villages, announced that their organization has been granted Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Special Consultative Status provides non-governmental organizations with access to ECOSOC and its many subsidiary bodies. This status provides select civil society organizations with the opportunity to participate in nearly all inter-governmental processes at the UN dealing with economic and social development.
Of 624 applications for Special Consultative Status in 2012, Jewish Heart for Africa was one of 241 applicants selected. The decision was adopted unanimously by all members of the Council.

Jewish Heart for Africa will have access to all meetings of ECOSOC as well as other UN bodies, agencies and special events organized by the President and Secretary General. Seven representatives of Jewish Heart for Africa will be granted annual passes for access to UN premises; short-term and group passes for the organization’s supporters will be available as well.

The application process—a year-long endeavor requiring in depth reporting on the organization’s mission and impact—was facilitated by Jewish Heart for Africa board member and former Ambassador of Zambia to the UN and European Union, Isaiah Z. Chabala. The process was funded by board member Steven Ackerman.

“This is a truly momentous milestone in our organization’s short span, and a significant moment of recognition for our life-saving, empowering and humanitarian mission of love, solidarity and peace between the people of Israel and Africa,” said Ambassador Isaiah Z. Chabala. "Jewish Heart for Africa is making an invaluable and lasting contribution to the people of Africa and to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals as well, in particular poverty eradication and the promotion of sustainable development."

"I am proud to be a part of this shining light of Jewish ideals, Israeli innovation and giving for a better world,” explained board member Steven Ackerman. “As Jewish Heart for Africa continues o grow, access to ECOSOC and UN agency meetings will serve to further connect and support us in our efforts.”

Arielle Zuckerberg Visits Israel

The little sister of Mark Zuckerberg, Arielle, is currently visiting Israel. According to her Facebook status, she is taking part in 'Taglit'- Birthright Israel, which provides the gift of educational, first-time trips to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26. During her visit, she met with Israel's President Shimon Peres earlier today

In the past, Arielle famously refused to work at the family business which happens to be the biggest social network in the world. Instead, she became one of 350 employees of Wildfire, an analytic company that provides services to social media. Yesterday (Tuesday), it was officially announced that Google will be buying 'Wildlife' for $250 million, so it makes Arielle an official employee of Google. "There's now officially more Zuckerbergs in Google than in Facebook," big sister Randi wrote in her status report, referring to the husband of their fourth sister, Donna, who also works  at Wildfire. Arielle, who refuses to give interviews, discovered she's now a Google employee during her stay in Israel and wrote in her status report: "Not gonna lie... This feels pretty awkward."

Shimon Peres has posted on his Facebook page: “I greatly respect the Zuckerberg family not only for their creativity but also  for the strong tradition which is firmly in their hearts,” he said. “I am proud  of Arielle, all her friends who have come with her to Israel and all the  participants who take part in Taglit-Birthright.”

Lisa Kudrow: One Last Thing

Actress Lisa Kudrow appears in this week's popular column 'One Last Thing' (second to last page) in People magazine. The actress who produces the docu-reality show Who Do You Think You Are, admits to being complete hooked on the Israeli adapted TV show 'Homeland.' "I finally got caught up like the rest of the world who is in love with the show," she says, "It's unbelievable."

Among the other last things, Kudrow also described the last time she cried ("Last week when I watched 'Terms of Endearment'"), the last indulgence ("I baked brownied and ate them!") and the last greeting card she sent ("I'm an e-mail person"). Here's the scanned page from the magazine. We love you, Lisa!


Released this week: “The Pianos I Have Known: The Autobiography Of Irving Fields”

Irving Fields, the Jewish jazz music legend who will celebrate his 97th birthday this weekend, has given himself a birthday present, in the form of a memoir which he had written in collaboration with  Huffington Post sports/alcohol/music columnist Tony Sachs and edited/released by music critic Aaron Joy through his indie book publishing/music label Roman Midnight Music.

The book, at nearly 300 pages, covers his life growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, performing in local Jewish theaters, being inspired by a trip to Cuba and forming his legendary trio, recording his albums and making hit records, a look behind many of his popular songs, playing with many celebrities including songwriter Albert Gamse, Jackie Mason, Canadian Jewish fusion artist Josh "SoCalled" Dolgin, and finding a second career well past retirement age. Also included are unseen photos, the first published visual discography of his albums, an appendix on his sister Peppy Fields "the Sophie Tucker of Miami" who started a career in New York as a radio host before relocating south and now she gets into print for the first time. 30 year Manhattan lounge pianist Albert Aprigliano, who has often worked with Irving over the decades, contributed a short introduction.

Over the years, Fields has recorded nearly 100 albums featuring trios, quartets, orchestras and solos. His most famous album is ‘Bagels & Bongos,’ recorded in 1959 with his trio, and sold over two million copies. Among his outstanding work, Fields wrote, upon a fan's request, a YouTube theme song, which he wrote within fifteen minutes.

From the back cover: "He's the composer of chart-topping songs performed by the likes of Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan and Xavier Cugat... one of the original Manhattan "society" cocktail pianists whose career stretches back to the days of Prohibition... whose sister Peppy was known as the Sophie Tucker of Miami Beach due to her long running radio show... the originator of one of the first piano-drum-bass trios, with a later trio lasting nearly 40 years... the man who first fused Jewish and Latin music with the classic 1959 album "Bagels & Bongos"... a headliner at Carnegie Hall, top draw on round-the-world cruises, star of radio and TV, and writer/performer of a hit song on YouTube... and he's still playing six ights a week as he approaches his 100th birthday... This is the life of a Jewish kid from the Lower East Side who hated practicing piano." He's also the inspiration behind the writing of the book 'And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Our Vinyl' about Jewish music history and the first release by the ReBoot Stereophonic jazz reissue label.


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