The Israeli Song for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Officially Released Today

Mar 01 2012

“Time” by rock group Izabo, is the Israeli entry for the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in May in Azerbaijan. In a statement  that was officially released today with the final version of the song, ‘Time’ is described as “everything a Eurovision classic song needs: light, catchy and sweet. The song corresponds with  past Eurovision hits from the 70′s, combining Hebrew and English, and maintaining Izabo’s unique style.”

A demo version of the song leaked a couple of weeks ago on the internet, and received some good response. Today, the comments on the news of the release of the song on ESC Today, the contest’s biggest fan site, are even better. “Thank you Israel for this amazing song!!” a Turkish fan commented, while a fan from Greece wrote “very very good effort israel , in my top 3 so far,” and a Eurovision follower from the UK added “Nice one Israel! One of the best this year!”

Izabo are: Ran Shem-Tov (vocals and guitar), Shiri Hadar (keyboards), Jonathan Levy (bass guitar) and Nir Mantzur (drums).

So far Israel has won the European contest three times: In 1978 with the song ‘AbbaNibi’ performed by Izhar Cohen, in 1979 with ‘Hallelujah’ by Milk & Honey featuring Gali Atari, and one other time in 1998 with the song ‘Diva’ by Dana International.

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