Maccabim 2011

Hanukkah is all about the story of the Maccabees (or, in Hebrew, “Macabim”).

Antiochus sent his General Apolonius to wipe out Yehuda, who was called “Maccabee,” a word composed of the initial letters of the four Hebrew words Mi Kamocha Ba’eilim Hashem (“There’s nobody like you, God”), and his followers, the Maccabees. Though greater in number and equipment than their adversaries, the Syrians were defeated by the Maccabees.
Antiochus sent out another expedition which also was defeated. He realized that only by sending a powerful army could he hope to defeat Judah and his brave fighting men.

The ‘Maccabim’ are considered heroes because they were a small group of people who won a fight with a huge army, which is equivalent to making a miracle, and brought “light” to the Jewish people.

We at, chose this Hanukkah to honor our contemporary cultural “Maccabim”; Eight of the best non-profit organizations (equivalent to eight days of Hanukkah) that bring light to the Jewish community and make miracles, by keeping the Jewish cultural flame burning.






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